Fund Advisory

Fund Advisory

We at PureValue, believes that there is no dearth of funds in the market for good projects and ventures. One of the catalysts to obtain funds at a right time is to have an Advisor who can structure your project or ideas and can float it to the fund houses or to the angel investors. The first and the foremost thing to obtain funds is to have a have a product or services which have a uniqueness of its own and have a scalability.

PureValue is a budding organization and we place our self in a league where we can arrange funds for start-up companies and Private Equity for growth oriented companies which have already achieved their first milestone through promoters’ fund. We have tie-ups with fund houses and angel investors throughout the length and breadth of the world. We have a specialized team who will go in detail to understand your business, look into your project or venture feasibility and will place it to the fund houses if the project or ventures clear our stress test procedure.

Our Methodology goes as follows:

  • Step 1. Detail discussion with the promoter or the management.
  • Step 2. Do the stress test on the venture where we quantify the things based on merits and potential of the project.
  • Step 3. Either drop it if not able to clear the stress test or take it to next step if it qualifies.
  • Step 4. Mentoring of the team on continuous basis.
  • Step 5. Prepare the Teaser document and perform the valuation of the project and then float it to potential investors.
  • Step 6. Prepare the Information Memorandum and help the client in negotiation and in raising the pitch.
  • Step 7. Final Deal conclusion.

We provide full financial advisory in synchronization with risk management services and help the client in procuring funds for growth and expansion needs. Our bouquet of services under fund advisory services includes the following:

  • Seed Funding
  • Angel / Venture Capital Funding
  • Private Equity Funding

We understand the resistance of the markets for new entrants, challenges faced by startups and we are also aware about day to day financial hurdles for running businesses. Keeping the same perspective in mind, we will handhold our clients in executing plans, strategizing your startup and will try to fuel up your venture by arranging funds. We shall guide you in obtaining funds by placing your ideas and ventures before the best of the resource players in the world which matches your objective.

If your venture is entering a growth trajectory then you definitely need a fund injection to speed-up your journey. We can assist you in acquiring funds smoothly and hassle free, so that you can focus on your core business. We shall take care of all your finance worries as we are looking forward to be a part of your success story.

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