Purchase Price Allocation

Purchase Price Allocation is the process of conducting valuation for assigning Fair Market Value of the assets and Liabilities and also to determine value of the goodwill. Once the value of business is decided, it is important to determine the contribution of each of tangible and intangible assets. The bifurcation of intangible assets into its different classes is a complex and technical exercise and it requires the skill set and experience of the valuator to determine the valuation of independent identifiable intangible as well as assets under consideration.

We, PureValue Advisors are committed to provide crisp and to-the-point valuation reports and we delve our self into each minute detail to provide highest level of accuracy. PureValue Advisors’ expertise and perfection have made them a leading provider of valuation services for business organizations especially in case of PPA Valuation. Our team of professionals offers in-depth understanding of the firms’ valuation requirements as well as qualified insights into key issues of concern for regulatory bodies. They assist with identifying recognizable intangible assets and amortization, and assign intangible assets and residual purchase price to reporting units.