Valuation of Asset, plant and machinery

Valuation of fixed assets like plant and machinery requires technical expertise since nature of plant and assets vary from industry to industry. We do valuation of these tangible assets through our panel of certified engineers and valuators. We have presence in almost all states of India through our associates and we can cater any need for asset, plant and machinery valuation. Our panel has vast experience of handling these projects and they can easily dissect details in technological know-how of the tools and machinery under consideration. We have experience of handling more than

hundred such projects since our inception. We work with company of all sizes and we tailor our solutions as per their specific needs.

Our experience is diversified from small industry and local tools to giant and exclusive machinery in engineering space. The fair value of fixed assets is needed in case of valuation of companies for Joint ventures, merger & acquisitions, investment valuation, tax valuation, business valuation etc. Every Machinery, Plant or Equipment Valuation is unique because of the diversity of equipments and the quantity of capital items included within the valuation, the location(s), the scope of work, etc. Providing minute explanations and descriptions of all key findings and delivering reports in detail remain our hallmark in asset valuation domain.