Intangible Valuation, Brand valuation Consultants

Intangible and brands are the key component in the value of any business. However, cautious approach needs to be made while valuing these as its only intellectual and nothing exist in the tangible format. Traditionally they are not very popular, but these days and with the coming of IFRS it’s become very prominent to value these intangible separately instead of allocating everything as good will. We have expertise in valuing brand, trademark, patents, workforce etc.

Our team of multidisciplinary professionals from engineering, economics, law, finance and academics provides actual insight of attaining perfect valuation for intangibles. Especially legal specifications are required in case of intangibles valuation for which we have legal experts from the industry and we also have rich legal advisory panel to accommodate all intangible valuation assignments. It is always a tricky issue to value an intangible asset as methodologies and approaches to handle all the intangibles is not same and presence of more than one intangible in any organization adds further complexity to process of valuation. We at PureValue Advisors are well versed with tools and techniques to value all types of intangibles from simpler to complex scenarios. We provide customized reports of excellent quality as per the satisfaction of our clients.