Distress Valuation

The value of an organization changes depending upon the standard of valuation and premise of valuation. If we are carrying the valuation of the company in a healthy state of business then its valuation preposition is different in comparison to the valuation undertaken under distressed condition. There will be a substantial gap in value when the valuation is undertaken as a going concern concept and when it is undertaken under liquidation concept. So the purpose and time of valuation is important while deciding the value of business along with the condition or health of the business.

Besides the different types of appraisal techniques required for appraisal or valuation of distressed firm, some special challenges are also confronted by valuation advisors while valuing these companies. This is the point where expert subjective judgment will require and without this experienced judgment, valuation of such an enterprise may be impossible. Subjective judgment in that case prevail the traditional approaches since these firms might be unprofitable during the period for which valuation is sought. PureValue Advisors are equipped with such a talent pool and we can tackle any such situation of valuation with ease and perfection. We guarantee standards, quality and focus of our reports.