Compliance & Outsourcing

Compliance & Outsourcing

Ensuring timely fulfilment of statutory compliance is utmost important in every organization’s agenda for smooth functioning of their businesses.

Back-office and support function such as maintaining accounting records, payroll processing and statutory compliance necessitates organization’s resources in term of manpower, accuracy, and significant time, which ultimately requires significant cost to an organization.

Today in a cut-throat competition, organizations emphasizes on core business functions and to devote their maximum resources without compromising their back-office and support functions.

At PureValue, our Compliance & Outsourcing Team offers outsourced book-keeping, payroll processing and other statutory compliance services. Our team possess sufficient experience to provide standardized services to various national and international clients.

Our key offerings in the compliance & outsourcing segments are:

Accounting Support

  •   Book keeping
  •   Fund management, banking related processing
  •   Preparation of statutory annual reports
  •   Audit support
Payroll processing

  •   Payroll management
  •   Provident fund related processing
  •   Employee full and final processing
Corporate secretarial support

  •   Maintenance of secretarial records
  •   Statutory fillings assistance
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